east brach lodge Maine
east brach lodge Maine
east brach lodge Maine
east brach lodge Maine
east brach lodge Maine
east brach lodge Maine
east brach lodge Maine
east brach lodge Maine

Maine Fishing Camp and Guided Trips

east brach lodge Maine

east brach lodge Maine

Maine Hunting, and Fishing Lodge. Hunt for Deer, Moose, Bear, Grouse. Canoe Maine





Grouse / Turkey Hunting

October and November are our grouse hunting and woodcock hunting months and East Branch lodge is very fortunate to be centered in excellent habitat for both species

The area offers some of the best grouse hunting and woodcock hunting available. There is an abundance of second growth habitat and the flat terrain is hunter and hunting dog friendly. Numerous logging roads, snowmobile trails and classic abandoned farmlands with old apple trees scattered through out offer easy walking if  wanted and the needed terrain and edges to sustain the good population of woodcock & grouse.

In forest area tree growth varies from dense softwood thickets to hardwood ridges to young birch, beech, and maple, all excellent habitat for grouse. And being located along a small river system there are also lower wetlands of alder and birch that the woodcock use on their migrations.

Like the woodcock our grouse population is good and these birds are also known for how long they hold out before flushing. Limits on grouse are 4/day/hunter with 8 allowed in possession. East Branch Lodge is located in prime grouse and woodcock habitat. The type of hunter who comes to this area is here for its remoteness, cover, and lack of other hunters. Either way, your hunting vacation in the Maine woods during the spectacular fall foliage will be one to remember. Bring your dog or 4 wheeler with you and go woodcock or grouse hunting on your own, or hire a guide to show you the best covers.


Weekly Cost
Daily Cost

Big Camp

$650.00/week* $125.00/ night / 2 night min.
(8 people max)
Cedar & Partridge Camp $350.00/week* $60.00/ night / 2 night min
(4 people max each)
Includes: Please ask about our guided grouse hunts. The above prices are available for the unguided grouse hunts only ! turkey hunting is up and coming due to stockings by IFW and local chapters now open in zone 11 with no lottery draw needed, though limited in numbers and seen in Haynesville we expect them to take hold and continue to grow in numbers.
* - Weekly rates run Sat 2 PM to Sat 10 AM
Big Camp prices include 8 people; Cedar & Partridge Camp prices include 4 people. 50% deposit is required at time of booking; balance is due in CASH upon arrival. All deposits are non-refundable. Please add $50.00 for security deposit which will be refunded if camp is clean and undamaged. Fees are subject to applicable sales tax-



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